Location and environment

As architects, we work with spaces. When we create new ones within living, breathing environments, we know that we are leaving a permanent mark on that ecosystem.

This makes is it a necessity to have reverence for the task ahead of us. DANUBIO is designed in this spirit. It is a reaction and a consequence of the environment, which defines one of the most unique locations in Budapest. This is how the building becomes part of the living fabric of the city, the trees, and the water.



DANUBIO’s beach brings back the nostalgic feeling of the city’s classical riverside, resembling to the idyllic sight of the beloved, century-old Római part. This sandy beach will be the place, where you don’t have to do anything else, but take a cold, refreshing drink from the fridge, walk a few meters, sit down to your deck chair, and gaze at the river billowing carefreely.


For those who fell in love with sailing and watersports, we build a boathouse, and a port. Our boathouse will take place directly on the shore with a pier, so you can store your tools conveniently, while the port will be at the opposite side of the bay, for a few minutes walk.


Thanks to the recreational and public park developments, and the renewal of the natural corridor of Rákos-stream, it’s easy to leave behind the city’s sparkling life, as soon as you take a turn from the teeming traffic of Váci street, may it be by car, or on foot the way you arrive home.


The security and calmness of the stream’s natural corridor doesn’t stop where our parcel starts, since a private park, a playground and huge green fields embrace and run around the building.


We are building DANUBIO on the southern shore of FOKA Bay, Budapest, district XIII. The building is 5 minutes away from Váci street, close to Árpád bridge and the M3 throughway, a few minute walk from Dagály bath, directly on the shore of Danube.

The parcel’s developed environment consists of the new Duna Arena to the south, and Marina Part to the north, while the natural borders are formed by the Danube river, the FOKA-Bay, the surrounding natural corridor, a charming brook, and the park and promenade around the building. The location is easily accessible by both land and water.

The fact that this building is situated on the only parcel of Budapest that lies directly on the shore of the main channel of the Danube, makes DANUBIO an unrivaled project, one that could not be copied or replicated anywhere else in the world.

BREEAM qualification

Being an outstanding example of newly-built construction in the Hungarian domestic market, DANUBIO is qualified for BREEAM certification, which is the leading world-class evaluation system for sustainability.


The principle of reactive architecture and non-repeatability

The building as a whole is a consequence of its living environment, and thus cannot ever be repeated. The form and all its aspects serve a purpose higher than itself: the environment it’s built in, and the people who are going to live in it.

The sun

One of the most important aspects of designing the building was being energy intelligent. This is the reason we created a dynamic mass by successively sliding back the floors creating a smoothly staggered effect. This offers natural sun protection protection in the heated summer months, and solar energy retention in the cold winter months.

The view

Staggered floors weren’t only important for energy saving reasons, but also because it made it possible for us to ensure the widest open views of the Danube and the bay, while considerably increasing the amount of natural ambient light.


DANUBIO is situated near the well-developed center of the city, and easily accessible in seven minutes by car, and fifteen minutes by public transport. The building is within comfortable distance from the downtown’s business quarter, as well as from kindergardens, schools, sport and shopping centres.

The construction has begun.

Keep in mind that our handover date falls to the second half of 2019, but 30% of our homes is already sold. In case you're interested, feel free to visit us at the construction area to see how we're progressing and contact us, or set the date here in order to find your new riverside home.

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